Reccessed Linear Light

Product Name:7035 Reccessed Linear Light

Model No.:DO-LL7035

Products Characteristics:

* PC plastic end cap to connect with PC cover, making light seamless
* Aluminium PCB with no facula design,rotate installing which is conveniently and easily
* PC cover transmitting rate reach 86%,luminous reaches 110lm/W


Optional Connectors:


Item # LED CRI Voltage CCT Watt Lumens PF Dimension(mm)
DO-LL703520 2835SMD 80 220-240V   3000K         4000K     6000K 20W 2100LM 0.9 L616*W70*H35
DO-LL703540 2835SMD 80 220-240V 40W 4200LM 0.9 L1211*W70*H35
DO-LL703560 2835SMD 80 220-240V 60W 6300LM 0.9 L1806*W70*H35
DO-LL703580 2835SMD 80 220-240V 80W 8400LM 0.9 L2400*W70*H35